Estate Planning & Probate
Estate Planning -- Free 30 minute consultation
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You can protect your loved ones and provide for an orderly and controlled distribution
of your estate, appoint a guardian for your minor children, and with a trust, likely
avoid probate entirely
Joint Revocable Trust and Wills        $1,370
Single Person Revocable Trust and Will        $1,170
Husband & Wife Trusts and Wills        $1,970
Multiple/Second Marriage Trusts and Wills        $1,970
Husband & Wife Wills and Testamentary Trusts        $650
Single Person Will and Testamentary Trust       $600
Special Needs Trust        $700
Husband & Wife Wills        $500
Single Person Will        $450

The above plans reflect a simple estate with no prior marriages (except the multiple marriage
trusts) an no federal estate tax.

Husband and Wife Wills and Trusts for estate with potential
federal estate consequences starting  at $3,100

Additionally, the above plans include Powers of Attorney for Financial and Health Care. In
the case of a revocable trust it includes transfer of one parcel of real estate to the newly
created revocable trust.

Offer of Free Consultation and Above Pricing good until December 31, 2016
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